We are AHS - Australian Health Solutions

The core of our business will always be serving local communities from our local AHS pharmacies and compounding pharmacies with valuable expert patient advice and care. However, major advances in science & technology now allow AHS to offer so much more. Every element in our solar system is unique; from the makeup of the stars to the stripes on a Zebra; right down to your very own DNA. So why are patients not treated uniquely? Everyday the majority of patients around the world are treated for illnesses in a systematic manner with mass-produced medications – and most of the time this does the job of treating a patient perfectly! However, for some, a one size fits all approach will not work. But we soon see the ability to provide personalised health care for all.

Exponential research and innovations have allowed humanity to understand more than ever before about our health. New cheaper, faster and more effective technology is now available to quickly diagnose, contain and treat our illnesses. But with developments such as pharmacogenetics and compounding; we can treat an individual’s illness specifically to them – providing an all round solution, with reduced side effects and quicker healing times.With this in mind the Australian Health Solutions group was formed to specialise in specific areas where we feel we can offer personalised health solutions. At the time of creation of the group; we also created a number of sub-brands in specific areas we feel we can contribute to personalised health care. These include AHS Compounding Pharmacies and AHS Allied Health Care (please explore these more in Our Brands).

We are proud of who we; AHS are, the services we provide, and how we do it. We hope you will join us too.

Further Reading
AHS Pharmacies
Our group of pharmacies and compounding pharmacies are dotted around the state of Victoria stretching from the north of Melbourne for 260km to the borders of Victoria & NSW.
Serving The Community
At AHS we are celebrating twenty-five fantastic years serving our local communities. AHS believes in supporting our local communities for the interest of all.
AHS Paitents Served
Over the past twenty-five years we have served hundreds of thousands of patients with trusted information & a variety of medical products.
Senior Team Members
Paul Halabi

Paul Halabi B.Pharm. who is situated at our AHS Pharmacy Broadford; has over 13-years experience as a pharmacist and is a co-founder of AHS. Paul purchased his first pharmacy with Joseph Amerena in Broadford in 2006, which ultimately became the start of AHS. Paul’s grassroots approach; working closely with local community groups and other allied health professionals has helped form the foundation of AHS.

Co-Founder of AHS & Pharmacist
AHS Pharmacy Broadford
Joseph Amerena

Joseph Amerena B.Pharm. B.Sc. M.P.S has over 30-years experience as a pharmacist & naturopath. Joe oversees our the AHS Compounding Pharmacy services. In 1989 Joseph purchased his first pharmacy to pursue a career in community pharmacy, working with many talented staff, he has built an excellent rapport with customers & the trust of professionals within the industry.

Co-Founder of AHS & Pharmacist
AHS Amerena Reservoir Pharmacy
Tina Pronesti

Tina Pronesti has worked with AHS for 5 years and is a vital team member of our pharmacy support team. Contact Tina today in regards to procurement opportunities.

Assistant Operations Manager
AHS Pharmacy Reservoir
Sue Roberts

AHS are pleased to have Sue Roberts on our senior team as our operations manager. Sue is responsible for the day-to-day management of our retail group and our product procurement.  Since AHS Sue has managed our team of over 65 employees whilst overseeing daily operations and has lead the formation of the AHS group from ground zero. She is currently rolling out complete store renovations across all of our stores.

Operations Manager
AHS Pharmacy Tatura