AHS Opens Compounding Pharmacy in Reservoir| Personalised Medications For Patients Now Available

AHS is now located in McFadzean Ave Reservoir, VIC allowing AHS to continue growing within the pharmacy compounding industry.

The large facility provides the space and equipment to allow AHS Compounding Pharmacy to continue making great strides in pharmacy compounding industry.

The extra space and investment in new equipment at the new Reservoir compounding pharmacy will increase capacity, production and improve efficiency; allowing AHS to further grow its market share in the compounding industry.

Proprietor and co-found of AHS; Joesph Amerena has exciting ambitions for the new AHS compounding pharmacy and the AHS group.

“Our new compounding facility opens you the avenue for a whole range of new products and services which AHS can offer. I’m really excited about the medications which we can compound straight away for our patients; increasing their options for treating their conditions in consultation with their doctor. However, what I am most excited about is the opportunity to produce medications using innovative methods and techniques such as using pharmacogenomics.”

Day to day operations of the new AHS Compounding Pharmacy and management are left in the trusted hands of experienced compounding pharmacist Sing Ing Tin.

“This new facility provides myself so much opportunity to really focus on a patients requirements and needs; compounding allows AHS to offer the very best solution based on a patients unique and specific requirements. Working hand in hand with GP’s; my experience and knowledge; collected over the past 23 years, combined with my fellow compounding colleagues such as Joe Amerena allow us to combined our experience of pharmacy, and pharmacy compounding to create great, effective and bespoke medications”

AHS Compounding Pharmacy can be found at 29 Mcfadzean Ave, Reservoir VIC 3073. You can find directions and opening times from our AHS Pharmacy Locator page >


Joseph Amerena
Joseph Amerena B.Pharm. B.Sc. M.P.S has over 30-years experience as a pharmacist & naturopath. Joe oversees our the AHS Compounding Pharmacy services. In 1989 Joseph purchased his first pharmacy to pursue a career in community pharmacy, working with many talented staff, he has built an excellent rapport with customers & the trust of professionals within the industry.
Co-Founder of AHS & Pharmacist
AHS Amerena Reservoir Pharmacy