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The AHS compounding pharmacies offer a wide range of compounding pharmacy products and services. This may comprise of simple and common compounding scripts such as capsule formulations, dermatological preparations and anti-biotic suspensions to more complex compounding such as hormonal preparations, troches, hydroquinone stable creams, suppositories and pessaries.

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Compounding Pharmacy Products Specifically For Children

Getting your children to take their medication can be a hard task at the best of times. It’s not uncommon for medications to taste unpleasant and as a result your child will refuse to take their medications. At AHS Compounding Pharmacy, we can mask the flavour or change the flavour of all medicines.

We welcome enquiries from parents who may be struggling to get their children to take their medications. There are many ways of administarting medication which we can explore with parents to increase the compliance of children taking medication.

We can make the medication appear more appealing by changing the colour and form such as moulding the medication into a lollipop. In the case of allergies we can change the nature of the medications to suit your childs requirements such as removing lactose; which is a common filler in medicines.

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